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John Smith

Paper resumes aren’t enough anymore. A modern, dynamic website that showcases your talents and background will really make a fantastic impression!

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Web Design

Examples of what you can do are a great way to let people know what you are good at.

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Mobile App

Highlighting things you have done or offer lets clients and employers know what you have to offer them when you get hired.

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Logo Design

Having services listed is a great way to show off everything you can do in a concise list that is easy to read.

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July 2016


Received a Design Award

A timeline of achievements and awards is a fantastic way to show progress during your career.

Launched My First App

Descriptions of what you have done help so that people know what you have been working on and what it does for them.

March 2016


March 2015


12 Sites Created

Showing milestones is a great way to celebrate achievements.

Graduated From College

Any involvement in school activities or awards while you were there is a great way to show how you were involved.

April 2014




123 Street Ave. Toronto, ON

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